Vinyl Deck Membrane Repair & Replacement

Vinyl decks are durable, low-maintenance, and available in a variety of colours and finishes, but like every aspect of a home, sometimes elements of even the toughest vinyl deck need to be replaced. One of the most common elements of a vinyl deck we see that needs to be replaced is the vinyl membrane.

What is Vinyl Deck Membrane?

The vinyl membrane is sheet vinyl, invented to solve waterproofing problems on decks that existing materials and products could not. Homeowners complain about leak issues, unsightly appearance, time-consuming maintenance and expensive repairs resulting from water damage. Vinyl Membrane is an added layer on top of your deck’s underlying structure to stop water from falling underneath and causing water-related damage while looking great at the same time.


Vinyl Membrane Replacement

Vinyl membrane replacement and repair services by Mountain View Sun Decks ensures that you have experts tending to your vinyl deck, doing the work right and on budget. Our vinyl membrane replacement services are top-tier and our team’s process includes extra measures that many other companies in Calgary and surrounding areas do not do.

MVSD installs the membrane up the house or building wall and behind the siding, whether it is vinyl siding, stucco, or cedar. We believe this is the correct way to do the install, for only by having the membrane go behind the tar paper, tyvek, ultimately the siding, does one achieve a 100% seal!


Vinyl Deck Replacement Cost

While every project is custom to the homeowner and business, we follow the same process to ensure that the cost of your vinyl deck replacement service is transparent and custom to your project’s needs.

Mountain View Sun Decks adds an extra foot for calculations to determine vinyl deck membrane replacement costs. For example, if you have an 11ft x 11ft deck and would be measured as 121 total sq. ft. for the actual deck framing square footage, we add an additional foot to the length and width (12 ft. x 12 ft). to ensure that the wall and deck flashing are covered.  The benefit of this process ensures a 100% seal for your deck.

Our pricing ensures that your project will be done correctly and that your investment is protected. Not only is your deck protected by our processes, but we ensure that your home and deck’s surrounding areas are thought of.


Our vinyl deck surface should last over 25 years depending upon the application, exposure and care of the deck.

We provide 5 years installation warranty plus manufacture warranty provided by the suppliers.