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Hoping to include some liability in your patio or deck living space? Upgrading or installing a new deck provides an opportunity to develop and outdoor living space used for entertainment, BBQ, relaxation or an area to enjoy the natural beauty any time of the year. Before you begin constructing a new deck the first step is deciding what kind of deck you want. In Calgary, there are a number of popular decking systems and materials a homeowner can use from vinyl to wood and everything in between. Each decking material varies in cost and longevity. If you are looking to install a new deck our decking professionals at Mountain View Sun Decks can evaluate your budget and needs and find the decking system best suited for your home.

Pressure Treated Wood Decks

Pressure treated wood decking uses a wood material that has experienced the procedure of “weight treatment” which is the process of using particular additives and infusing them into the wood. These additives shield the wood from harm from termites, parasite and the avert rot caused by different factors in nature. Weight or pressure treated wood decks are low in cost and are relatively easy to maintain. Pressure treated wood, for the most part, has a short life expectancy and is inclined to part and chipping.

Vinyl and PVC Decking

Vinyl decking or PVC decks use decking materials that are comprised of lightweight vinyl plastic. Vinyl decking requires little to no-maintenance, vinyl decks require no sanding or recoloring and can be designed to match nearly any home design and exterior. A vinyl or PVC deck will stay cool to the touch and won’t blur or chip like wood decks frequently do. The drawbacks of vinyl and PVC decking materials have few drawbacks, but one is the diversity you can have in terms of design and appearance.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is widely considered one of the best of decking material available to property owners in today’s market. There are two primary types of composite decking:

  • Standard: Composite decking is produced assembling material that is equivalent amounts of reused plastic and reused wood.
  • Capped: This is composite decking with an additional cover or “top” that gives extra protection and durability against the natural elements and wear and tear.

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Despite the fact that these decking materials each have their disadvantages, the advantages are irrefutably justified regardless of the cost. Composite decks are low upkeep, and will never break or split like wooden deck materials. They are eco-friendly because they are made of reused and recycled materials. Composite and vinyl decks have a long life expectancy and are impervious to untimely crumbling. Most composite decking manufacturers offer warranty programs that ensure the longevity of the deck.

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