Custom Stairs

Exterior stairs from are vital to the decking area or back door serving its purpose. Stairs can be made in a range of styles and out of a variety of materials. Custom exterior stairs are an important aspect of a custom deck solution.

Stairs are effective, but without proper installation can be dangerous. Stairs need to be installed perfectly to protect homeowners from falling, mold growth and more. Utilise professional exterior stair services to ensure your exterior stairs are perfectly designed and installed.

Contact Mountain View Sun Decks with your exterior stair design and installation needs. Our team has years of professional experience with clients across Calgary and surrounding areas. At Mountain View Sun Decks, we are here to answer any questions and to provide professional Calgary stair design, build and installation.

Stringers and Treads: Staircase Lingo You Need to Understand

Stringer Stairs

Stringer stairs are designed with a bottom guide beam beneath separated planks of stairs. These stairs can give the illusion that they are floating and proved a sleek look to your exterior decking system. Stringer stairs can be customized with a range of materials, colours and more. The stairs themselves can be made out of pressure treated wood, aluminum, and other materials; each offering a range of tread options. The level of customization and highly aesthetic nature of stringer stairs make them very popular amongst Calgary homebuyers.

Custom Vinyl Stairs

Vinyl stairs can showcase a more upscale look while adding more grip and respective safety of the staircase. Vinyl stairs can often be best suited to vinyl decks but can be used with any respective deck material and cover. Vinyl stairs can be made in a range of colours and offer a long lifespan without maintenance or replacement. For more information on the benefits on vinyl exterior stairs, contact Mountain View Sun Decks today.

Custom Aluminum Stairs

Aluminum stairs can offer the most upscale look of any staircase style. These stairs can be shined and designed in any respective colour. Aluminum stairs can also offer longevity in regards to the safe stair use and durability. Aluminum stairs can be painted or made in a range of colours and can be easily shined to keep the stairs in mint condition. For a durable staircase that provides an upscale look with stringer and close tread steps, consider aluminum stairs.

Custom Pressure Treated Stairs

Pressure treated wood has been chemically treated to increased the longevity of the wood. Pressure treatments help prepare the wood stairs for moisture and winter temperatures that can lead to mold and decay in untreated stairs. Utilising process treated stairs can provide your home with a beautiful and natural exterior staircase that is less costly than aluminum steps. With a range of tread options, paint options and more, these stairs will not force you to sacrifice in regards to customization.

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