Deck Design Process

Your custom deck is designed to suit your home, your lifestyle and your budget. Custom decks are made from a variety of materials including wood, composite and vinyl decking. Decks can be built to maximize yard space, property value, backyard views or other preferred aspects of the home or outdoor living space.

Designing a custom deck is an exciting opportunity to create plans for your future decking system. Every design consideration and major appliances can be planned into the overall design of your custom deck. But where do you start?

You custom deck design should be based on the major goals of a deck. Consider what your deck will be used for the most. Consult Mountain View Sun Decks today, to learn how we can help design and build your ideal decking system.

Deck Material & Style

One of the first considerations of a custom deck design is the style of the deck as well as the materials selected for future construction. Homes with above grade exteriors or that aim to allow for outdoor access from upper levels can often benefit from a multilevel, two-storey or raised decking system. While bungalows or flat property lots will often go forward with a platform or freestanding deck design. Vinyl, PVC, and Composite decking material are more durable though a wood deck can be very weather-resilient still and cost much less for materials.

Deck View

One major consideration of your deck design process is how to get the most from your backyard views. Of course, not every home backs onto a golf course, ravine, river or one of Alberta’s stunning lakes. Though, getting the most from your views can simply mean utilizing a decking system that promotes viewing outwards, rather than directly at your own fence and an alleyway. One misconception is the higher is better for viewing. Though, for homes that have a well-maintained and colorful backyard, this can be much more visually appealing than any view nearby. Thus a platform deck would best suit this home’s exterior design. Design your deck to maximize your viewing experiences in order to create a relaxing and outdoorsy setting.

Deck Proportion

Size and spacing are major considerations of any deck design. Considerations toward room for guests, tables, benches, appliances, and more will ensure that your deck is never lacking. Though, homeowners have to also think about how the construction of the deck size will impact the final aesthetics, as well as how much of their yard space they are willing to give to the decking system. At Mountain View Sun Decks, we can help you plan for a deck that offers space for all your design and functionality ideas, while not overtaking your existing yard space.

Deck Specifics

When designing your deck, various specific considerations will impact the material selection as well as the appropriate deck style, location, flow and size. For example, a wood deck may not be ideal for high sun exposure, high traffic or water features, as wood can fade, splinter and rot. These are 7 key questions to ask during every deck design process:

  • Do I Want A Fire Pit? Only some deck materials and styles can offer safe fire pit usage. For example, a dry pressure treated wood deck that is raised off the ground should not incorporate fireplaces or pits.
  • Do I Want A Hot Tub? Natural woods that are prone to moisture damage should not utilize water features such as hot tubs or large fountains.
  • How Much Seating Do I Need? Chairs, tables, and benches often take up the bulk of your deck space. Consider how much space you need for seating when designing your deck’s proportions.
  • Do I Want To Cook? This could mean a simple BBQ with a propane tank or could mean a full stove top with electrical and gas utility lines.
  • Is My Deck Under A Roof? Uncovered decks often look toward gazebos or roofing structures to offer sun and moisture protection.
  • Heaters? Area heaters can be required during the night or in early spring and late fall. Haters can be powered by batteries, internal fuel units or can require gas lines.
  • What Electronics Do I Need? Electrical lines can require permitting. Though, these lines can be required for outdoor speakers and lighting systems.
  • How Is Windy My Deck Area? Windscreens and panels can be designed with glass railing options.