Glass Privacy Walls

There is a tricky balance between enjoying your views and enjoying privacy. Open patios and decks with an uninterrupted view of the land are much desired in a home, but the open views also give unhindered flows of wind. In a place like Calgary where windy days are common, this can be a spoiler. There is also the issue of privacy, having an open deck can provide an open view to whatever is happening on your deck.

A glass privacy wall is a perfect solution to meet privacy and uninterrupted views in the middle. As a transparent material, it allows you to have your uninterrupted views. The good thing with glass is that you can tint or frost it for enhanced privacy. This is just like the tinted windows on a car. You can see from the inside but people on the outside can hardly see through to your patio or decking.

Glass is a good material because it can be easily installed. It does not require a lot of modifications and is aesthetically pleasing.

Glass Wind Wall

Glass privacy walls are very effective for keeping out the wind. Mountain View Sun Decks offers glass wind walls made from 10-12 mm thick tempered glass. The walls can be as high as 7 feet with spans of 3 feet between posts. You can choose to have the glass installed clear, tinted or satin etched depending on your privacy and design preferences.

The height of the glass wall can be as high as 7 feet or 84 inches. Coupled with tinting or satin etching, it ensures your time on the deck is safe and secure. The glass is supported by fashionable posts that come in custom colours to match your home and design preferences.

Framed Glass Walls

If your condo or home already has framed glass railings, we can install framed glass privacy walls that keep the look consistent. Framed glass walls go up to a maximum height of 6 feet. They can bear the same wind load pressure as topless glass walls.

A glass privacy wall is a very valuable feature for your home’s outdoor spaces. It allows you to get more value and usability from spaces like the deck or patio. Here at Mountain View Sun Decks, we have an expert team who can design and install a custom glass privacy wall. Our team has over 20 years of experience ensuring Calgarians have the outdoor space they deserve. Contact MVSD today to book your consultation.

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