Exterior Railings

Your home’s exterior deserves as much care as the interior. Decks in Calgary home exteriors can offer better city and mountain views, an outdoors area for entertaining and much more. Calgary railing systems can ensure that your deck and or staircase are beautiful to look at while offering the most safety and functionality possible.

Exterior railings can be made with wood, glass, aluminum or a combination of materials. Railing styles can range with a number of specific glass, picket and other styles. Exterior railings help ensure that your home exterior reaches its full potential in regards to beauty and safety.

If you have any questions about exterior railings or are interested in an exterior railing project, contact Mountain View Sun Decks today. Our team’s professional knowledge and years of experience can provide you home with the ideal exterior railing. Our railing systems are custom designed and professionally installed to ensure your satisfaction.

Exterior Glass Railings

An exterior glass railing helps promote aesthetics and safety, while not interfering with the great views that your deck area can provide. Glass railings can be topless or have a top bar and can be fully customised in regards to tint and transparency. Your custom glass is made with professional processes and is designed based solely on your aesthetic preferences and glass railing goals. Feel free to contact Mountain View Sun Decks today for a professional glass railing consultation.

Exterior Wood Railings

Though wood railings are less expensive, these railings are still quite popular, effective and can be personalized for your needs.

Wood railings often offer the most efficient form of installation and can be stained, painted or otherwise altered to make them more unique and ready to handle Calgary’s climate.

Exterior Picket Railings

Picket railings have become one of the most popular Calgary railing choices for upscale homes. Picket railings can be made from aluminum and wood and can be installed into nearly any style of deck or exterior staircase.

Custom picket railings on your home’s exterior can also utilize custom post toppers to increase the upscale perspective and personalized nature of the railing. You can trust each step of your exterior picket railing project to the experts at Mountain View Sun Decks.

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