Exterior Stairs

Exterior stairs provide efficient access to your backyard from the deck and or backdoor. Exterior Calgary stairs can be custom designed and built to meet your unique needs and budgets. Custom exterior stairs represent a project that is beneficial to your backyard or deck area.

Exterior Stair Installation

Improper exterior stair installation can lead to a number of issues. Injury and safety risks can be associated with inexperienced stair installation. Improperly installed stairs can also be at a much higher risk of damage and pre-mature replacement needs.

Rather than roll the dice with a DIY project, trust your exterior and deck stair project needs to Mountain View Sun Decks. Our team can help with the design, manufacture and installation of your custom exterior stairs. Contact Mountain View Sun Decks today or book a consultation through our website.

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Exterior Stairs For Your Calgary Deck

Mountain View Sun Decks is here to provide professional exterior stair design and installation services. Exterior stairs can be a great stand-alone project or can be a wonderful addition to your deck renovation.

If you have any questions or are in need of exterior stairs for your Alberta home, contact Mountain View Sun Decks today.

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Aluminum Exterior Stairs

Aluminum stairs can be used to lead from your back door or deck area. These stairs can provide a very durable staircase that promotes an upscale feel to your home’s exterior. Aluminum stairs are most commonly used in a stringer stair style. Aluminum stairs can offer a range of custom aspects in the colour and design of the staircase.

If you have any questions about aluminum exterior stairs, contact Mountain View Sun Decks today.

Vinyl Exterior Stairs

A popular cover for both wooden and aluminum stairs is vinyl. This tread style can add a customization level to the staircase while offering great benefits in regards to stair durability and grip. A vinyl cover increases the stair safety and the ease of stair use. Vinyl covers can be designed in a range of specific treads and colours.

Improve your stringer or closed tread steps with vinyl stair coverings.

PVC Exterior Stairs

Another common style of stair tread is PVC. PVC tread can offer a range of benefits in regards to stair customisation, safety and durability.

The tread can be coloured to match any deck or house, increasing the overall aesthetics of the home. PVC tread also prepares stairs for weather changes and creates a surface area with better grip over long-term use of the exterior staircase.

Pressure Treated Exterior Stairs

Pressure treated stairs are a less expensive option compared to aluminum stairs and can be efficiently installed. Pressure treated wood, is chemically infused to allow for more durable wooden materials. Pressure treated stairs can be further customised with stair covering, paints and more. DIY pressure treated stair efforts can create health issues through machine use, falling and sawdust exposure. Ensure that your pressure treat stairs are safely installed with professional processes.

Contact Mountain View Sun Decks with your pressure treated exterior wood stair needs.

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