Custom Picket Railings

Picket Railing systems maintain to be a popular decision for everything ranging from small balconies to extensive roof decks. They offer the most flexibility with an extensive choice of options such as size, style, and top rail alternative.

Picket Railings can be used for chain link or steel and mesh wire, concrete or timber posts. Other equipment or materials used to design and set up picket railings may consist of timber boards and railings. After the timber boards or chain link are in place, a live railing or the desired shrubbery can be added.

Picket railings

Picket Railings Installation

When installing picket railings the creation is quick and boasts amazing visual features. For a picket railings to maintain their durability frequent maintenance may be needed, depending on the materials used. When installing picket railings or fences we use a sequence for positioning and digging the holes at roughly six and a half feet.

Once we have established the picket location we put the posts in, ensuring they are structurally sound. Use post of four by three inches extensive and of five feet long. After two days, we nail the railings in three rows of four by two inches onto the posts straight.

Exterior Picket Railings

For exterior picket railings, there are a number of materials that can be used, picket railings are a popular form of decorative railings as they have an aesthetic appeal that is desired by many homeowners.

Picket railing systems can be made using wood, metal or plastic. The styles and shapes picket railings are able to create are nearly endless, with possible finishes that can increase the longevity of the railing system.

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Picket railings are a popular railing alternative for Calgary homeowners as picket fences have smallest expansion and shrinkage characteristics and remain consistent throughout farthest heating and cooling temperatures, making them ideal for Calgary’s ever changing climate.

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From deck rail to stair rail, to handrail, to fence, to gates, our Heavy duty aluminum picket products meet all your safety needs in your yard. Choose the height, colour and style you like, and enjoy. We will custom tailor your railing that fits you. No rot, no rust, our picket railings and picket fences are long lasting and maintenance free.


Aluminum Picket Railings Aluminum picket railing with extra channel and ring decoration design.
Picket Stair Railing Our aluminum picket stair railings are custom made for a perfect fit.
Picket Fence Long lasting aluminum picket fencing is secure, maintenance free and stylish option for fences.
Picket Gate Aluminum picket gate with hinges and latches.

Options for Picket Railings

Check out the options for Picket Railings


Straight Picket Aluminum continues top rail straight picket railing, aluminum powder coated.
Basket Picket Aluminum basket picket railing gives the straight picket a more sleek design and special look.
Wide Picket Wider aluminum picket railing gives railing a heavier look.
Baluster Baluster welded onto regular aluminum straight pickets then powder coated to colour of your choice.
Ring Aluminum picket railing with extra channel, rings and baluster decoration. The custom design of your rail has no limits.
Spear Spears on top of picket fencing is a good option for increasing security and giving it a stylish look. There are many spear heads to choose from.

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