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Your deck is an important part of your home. We care about ensuring your safety and protecting your investment.

Mountain View Sun Decks has been building decks across Southern Alberta for over 20 years. We are very familiar with decks that have not been built to withstand our region’s freezing temperatures, and suffer from frost heave. We offer deck repair for decks that need the footing replaced and installed properly, decks that have been pulled away from the landing as a result of frost damage, and decks that have become uneven (and unsafe to use). We can also repair a variety of different deck types and deck materials, including second-storey decks and wood, vinyl, or plastic.

Frost Heave Decks

Frost heaving (or a frost heave) is an upward expansion of the soil during freezing conditions, caused by water in the soil increasing in volume as it freezes. In the more extreme cases, the formation of ice lenses can also occur. The soil swells upwards because of the ice that is growing towards the surface. The heaving soil then grabs hold of the deck footings and pushes the deck structure up, by the distance of the frost heave. All instances of frost heave seen by us have had water saturated and silty soil type conditions.

Mountain View Sun Decks has seen frost heave of up to 6” in areas such as Discovery Ridge, Springbank, McKenzie Lake, Douglasdale, Auburn Bay, and Chestermere. We have helped many customers solve their frost heave problems and would be pleased to discuss our solutions to this problem with you.

Frost Heave Repairs

We repair decks that have been damaged by Southern Alberta’s cold winters, and freezing temperatures.

A common occurrence for decks in Calgary and the surrounding area, is a condition called “frost heaving.” Because of this, the foundation and footings for a deck must be properly installed (i.e. below the frost line) in order to prevent the structure from getting warped or damaged.

Rebuilding a Frost Damaged Deck

If your deck has suffered from many seasons of freezing temperatures, and is no longer stable or supportive enough to be used, you may want to invest in a complete deck rebuild. Mountain View Sun Decks has built a variety of decks from scratch all over Southern Alberta, including Canmore, Calgary, Springbank, and more. We have over 20 years of expertise and experience in properly built decks that are suitable for our region’s colder climate, and able to withstand damage from freezing temperatures.

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