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Aluminum is a chemical element that is considered in the same group as boron. Aluminum is frequently represented by its periodic table abbreviation of AL. It is a silvery-white metal that is soft, nonmagnetic and a ductile metal. By mass, aluminum is estimated to be the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon and the most abundant metal on the planet.

Aluminum is a metal that maintains its strength even in extreme reducing environments. It is popular for construction and especially for railings because of its durability, longevity and relatively light weight. Aluminum railings have a remarkably low density making it light in comparison to other metal railings and is also resilient to corrosion and elements of the natural outdoor environment.


Advantages of Aluminum Railings

Aluminum as an element has numerous properties that make it the ideal choice for railings. Aluminum railings are corrosion resistant, are stronger than comparable metals, and light weight. Painted or colored aluminum railings are often considered superior to other railing materials including PVC since they have little to no maintenance costs and will almost definitely last longer than the structure they are installed on.

Aluminum is frequently used for places where durability and strength are important. Aluminum is a popular material for aircraft’s, space shuttles, vehicles, wall systems etc.. In comparison to plastic, wood or composite railing alternatives aluminum will out last and out perform other railing products. The advantages of aluminum railings include; low maintenance, safety, esthetics, can be recycled, resistant to corrosion, favorable contraction/expansion, and durable through changing the weather.


Aluminum Railing Maintenance

Just because aluminum railings are considered “low maintenance” does not mean aluminum railings require no maintenance. Generally maintaining Aluminum Railings is relatively simple and quick to do. Maintaining Aluminum Railings helps to keep the railings aesthetics and durability for years to come.

Aluminum railings require minimal care and maintenance when compared to other railing systems. It is generally recommended that a homeowner inspects and cleans the railings at least once or twice a year in spring and fall. If aluminum railings are near swimming pools they should be checked and cleaned more regularly.


Aluminum Railings in Calgary

Aluminum railings are becoming an increasingly more popular outdoor railing option, and are one of the leading alternatives for exterior railings. Aluminum railings are popular because they are lightweight and relatively easy to install. Aluminum railings are frequently installed for safety and aesthetics, they can be easily customized to match any deck or outdoor living space.

If you are looking for custom railings or exterior railings in Calgary contact Mountain View Sun Decks, we are one of Calgary’s leading exterior deck system contractors and we supply and install quality deck railings for homes and businesses.


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Mountain View Sun Decks Aluminum Railings

Mountain View Sun Decks supplies and installs high-end exterior aluminum railings in Calgary and surrounding areas. The aluminum railings we install are durable and long lasting and are built to withstand the unpredictable Calgary climate, aluminum railings come in a variety of styles and shapes, from decorative low-profile picket aluminum railings to upper deck restraint railings, we offer a variety of styles available in a variety of colours and provided by a number of leading manufacturers.

At Mountain View Sun Decks we supply and install aluminum guardrails, handrails, decorative railings, wind walls and aluminum deck railings. Our team of deck and railing professionals designs and build custom railing systems that are built for functionality and aesthetics. If you are looking for aluminum deck railings, exterior railings or custom aluminum railing system contact Mountain View Sun Decks.

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