How Snow Can Damage Your Deck

Created on: May 21st, 2019
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How Snow Can Damage Your Deck | Deck Repair Calgary | Calgary, AB | Mountain View Sun Decks Ltd.

How Snow Can Damage Your Deck

A good number of Calgary homeowners usually have to deal with damaged structures after the cold weather turns into the warmer spring and summer months. The drop in temperature makes building materials more brittle and prone to breakage. There is also the rise in humidity which could encourage mould growth. Most of the damage caused by snow and cold weather becomes apparent when warm weather returns. In the face of unpredictable weather patterns, it has become harder to predict the amount of snow that will fall. Staying protected from snow damage becomes the smarter thing to do.

Can snow cause damage?

The primary damage caused by snow is moisture damage, which is gradual and not immediately noticeable. Wooden decks are especially at risk of moisture damage if they are not properly maintained. If the wood’s grains are exposed, the moisture gets to the wood. When temperatures rise again, the moistened wood becomes fodder for different organisms including mould, mildew, fungi, and borers. The wood is gradually eaten away, becoming rotten weak and powdery.

Decks that have been set very low to the ground, are at a higher risk of moisture damage because the evaporating water does not find a way out. This forms a fertile breeding ground for the said organisms. Unfortunately, moisture damage on such decks is on many occasions realized when the damage is extensive.

Dealing with mould damage

The first line of protection against moisture damage is properly sealing the surface. Use paint or a sealant to do this. The barrier prevents water from getting to the wood. It is also recommended that you treat the deck at least every 5 years. This is easily done with a weak bleach solution. Ensure to pressure wash the deck to get rid of the covering dirt. You can then spray the mixture of bleach on the surface.

Ensure that you inspect your deck for moisture damage after every cold season. This will help you arrest the damage before it spreads.

Scraping damage

It is possible to damage your deck when clearing snow. Some people will want to shovel away snow even when there is no need to. The shovel will scrape on the deck and strips away paint or stain. You are required to shovel snow when it goes over 3.5 feet. This is not very common. Whenever it is possible, it is better to sweep away the snow instead of shovelling.

Do you have any questions on snow damage on your deck? Here at Mountain View Sun Decks, we can help you protect your deck and prolong its life with professional deck repairs. Contact our professional deck repair team today to discuss the best route for your deck.

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