The Best Material for Outdoor Stair Railings

Created on: September 18th, 2020
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The Best Material for Outdoor Stair Railings

Stair railings are essential for providing safety to the individuals traversing the stairway. In many cases, commercial properties are legally required to have them. They are a functional part of any stairway and should be made to last whenever a stairway is being installed.

However, even though railings are made to serve a purpose, that does not mean that it doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting–especially when used outdoors. Outdoor railings need to be sturdy, non-slip, and able to withstand the elements for years. That is why choosing the right material is always crucial. Let’s talk about what materials to use for your outdoor stair railing.

Outdoor Stair Railing Materials:

Stainless Steel/Wrought Iron

Metal railings are incredibly commonplace, especially where luxury is concerned. They carry with them an air of elegance and can be formed into incredibly intricate patterns and shapes. These railings can be painted and treated to withstand the harsh weather outside and can last for literal centuries when made properly. This is a great option for those seeking elegance, and longevity.


Stone railings are also a great option for those seeking durability and luxury packaged together. Whether you’re going with limestone, or marble, or even granite–the results are going to be marvelous. The only downsides to these types of railings are the overall cost and the installation process. You will unlikely be able to install these railings yourself due to weight and potential fragility. This can tack on quite a hefty price tag in addition to the material costs. However, the final result is almost always stunning.


For those who want to take things to the other end of cost, fiberglass and vinyl can be a great option. These outdoor railings are non-slip, generally durable, and incredibly cost-effective. The major drawback is longevity. They don’t tend to last very long when compared to other more durable materials. However, they can get the job done in a pinch when the budget is an issue. What’s more, they can be molded and manufactured to resemble almost any pattern, design, and coloration to match your tastes and needs!


Wood railings are almost always the ‘go-to’ when it comes to rustic homes or woodsy cabins. This is because the organic and raw material provides a very classic and timeless look that cannot be beaten. Wood railings can be cured and treated to resist the harsh conditions of weather, UV rays, and pests. In many cases, they can last for decades without any real signs of wear! However, they are softer material and can be subject to deterioration over time if not properly maintained. Although, ultimately they will always remain a rustic and classic favorite.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right railing material for your outdoor stairs is always going to come down to personal preference and budget. There is a multitude of great railing materials on the market, and depending on your needs you can customize and shape them however you want. The world of outdoor railing options is your oyster if you take the time to shop around and get what best fits your situation and need.

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