Frosted Glass Railings

Sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass produces frosted glass. Frosted glass offers a unique look to your deck space. Frosted glass also increases the amount of privacy a glass railing provides to your deck space. Frosted glass is commonly referred to as “pinhead”. The glass offers a more upscale and secluded atmosphere. Frosted glass railings can be installed with a top bar to increase the structural look of the railing or as a topless style, to better promote the sleek and upscale feel of the railing. Frosted glass railing walls can also be installed with taller pains or sections that offer defence from unwanted winds.

At Mountain View Sun Decks we can help design your tinted glass railing systems and can professionally install the railing. Our team works to make sure each step of your custom frosted glass railing project is handled flawlessly. From deck railings to stair railings we can install a railing system perfect for your outdoor living space.

Why Use Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is an effective, upscale, personalised and stunning. These are some of the largest benefits to utilising frosted glass for your deck railings:

  • Upscale Look – Frosted glass showcases a custom and textured look to your deck that creates a luxurious feel within the space.
  • Increased Privacy – Frosted glass can be ideal for homeowners that prefer a private deck atmosphere, as the glass is not fully transparent.
  • Custom Patterns – Frosted glass can be done in a number of grey and bronze tints, as well as with a pinhead rolled style.
  • Filters Sun Rays – Frosted glass stops and spreads UV rays so they can limit furniture fading as well as sun exposure issues for deck users.

Pinhead Glass

Pinhead glass is a form of textured glass. Pinhead and frosted glass are often referred to interchangeably, though they are not the same. Frosted glass is made to with sandblasting and too look cloudy, while pinhead glass is made with a roller to look unevenly polished and full of small ridges. Pinhead glass can be frosted as well, though the glasses are not the same.

Types Of Frosted Glass

Frosted glass railings can be the ideal decorative railing solution for your needs. These are the common types of frosted glass manufacturing options:

  • Sandblasting – Many types of frosted glass are formed by spraying small sand and plastic particles from a machine at an existing pane of glass. This is an ideal option for new glass installations.
  • Acid Etching – Fluoride compounds can be rubbed against glass panels to roughen the surface and create a frosted finish. This can be ideal for currently installed glass.
  • Applied Film – Direct application pieces or spray coatings can be used to create a frosted glass surface.