Stringers and Treads: Staircase Lingo You Need to Understand

Created on: April 25th, 2023
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Stringers and Treads: Staircase Lingo You Need to Understand

At Mountain View Sun Decks, we build outdoor decks, railings, and staircases. You’d be hard-pressed to find a deck in Calgary that doesn’t have a combination of all three. 

When designing staircases that connect to your deck, it is important to get as much input from you as possible. Ensuring that it is designed to your liking is an essential step. Because of this, it is also important that you know a little about the technical side of what goes into designing them. 

Today, we at Mountain View Sun Decks would like to teach you more about two of the most vital aspects of stair construction: Stringers and Treads.

What Are “Stringers and Treads”?

Stringers and treads are the two main components that build up a staircase. Without them, well, you wouldn’t really be able to build one. Building these two things right is essential for a safe and well-designed staircase for your deck. 

What Are Stringers?

Stringers are like the bones of a staircase. They are the long, diagonal pieces of wood or metal that go under each step and support them so you can climb up and down safely. Think of them like the foundation or base of the stairs or like the sturdy legs of a table that keep it from wobbling.

Without the stringers, the steps would have nothing to hold them up, and they would just fall like dominoes! That’s why it’s so important to have strong and sturdy stringers. So, next time you climb a staircase, thank the staircase stringers for keeping you safe!

What Kinds of Stringers Does Mountain View Sun Decks Offer?

We offer stringers that can be built from several different materials. These include:

  • Aluminum stringers
  • Pressure-treated stringers
  • A combination of each

Each choice has its benefits but always meets local safety standards.

What Are Treads?

Treads are the flat parts of the stairs you step on when you go up or down. They are like the steps on a ladder but wider and more comfortable.

Staircase treads come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the design. Some treads are straight and flat, while others are curved or have decorative patterns.

It’s important for treads to be safe to use, so they are often made with materials that have a good grip, like wood or carpet. This way, you won’t slip and fall when you’re going up or down the stairs.

So, next time you climb up or down a staircase, look at the treads and notice how they help you move safely and comfortably from one level to another.

What Kinds of Stringers Does Mountain View Sun Decks Offer?

We also offer treads that can be made from several different high-quality materials. These include: 

  • Aluminum perforated treads
  • Vinyl wrapped treads
  • PVC treads
  • Pressure treated treads

Like stringers, all of these materials used to make treads have their benefits and are always formed to meet strict safety standards. 

How Should Stair Stringer and Threads be Attached to a Deck?

Attaching stringers and treads to a deck is important to ensure your staircase is safe and secure. Here’s how our pros get it done:

  1. First, we measure and cut your stringers to the right length and angle. Then we make sure they are level and flush against the deck.
  2. We use screws or bolts to attach the stringers to the deck. We then place them about 6-8 inches apart and make sure they go deep into the deck to hold the stringers securely in place.
  3. Once the stringers are attached, it’s time to add the treads. We measure and cut your treads to the right length and shape to fit the stringers.
  4. We use screws or nails to attach the treads to the stringers. Then, we place them about 6-8 inches apart and make sure they are flush against the stringers.
  5. Finally, we add a handrail to your staircase to make it even safer if needed. We attach the handrail to the stringers with screws or bolts and make sure it’s sturdy and secure.

By following these steps, we ensure that your staircase is strong and safe for you and your family to use. Always consult an expert before trying to do this kind of job yourself. It is more challenging than it looks, and Mountain View Sun Deck understands the local building regulations well.  

Get Your Expertly Built Outdoor Staircase in Calgary with Mountain View Sun Decks

Ensuring that your deck’s staircase is built to be safe and look great is what we do best here at Mountain View Sun Decks. 

Your input is important to us, and ensuring you understand our process, only makes the whole experience smoother from start to finish. 

Get your backyard ready for Spring and Summer with a brand-new and beautiful staircase for deck in Calgary today!

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