Deck Maintenance Tips

Created on: June 19th, 2019
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Deck Maintenance Tips | Custom Deck Solutions | Mountain View Sun Decks Ltd. | Calgary, AB

Deck Maintenance Tips

Your home’s new deck still has its warm, handsome and charming aura. But don’t you think it’s beautiful wooden structure requires regular maintenance and protection from harsh weather and dangerous insects?

Your deck gives you the freedom and convenience to enjoy some fresh air in an ample, serene outdoor space. Day or night, you get to spend some time at your deck dining or perhaps getting entertained away from the confines of your home.

Your deck’s beautiful look and convenience come at a price. Wooden decks, like the one in the backyard of your home have to endure lots of abuse, particularly as a result of continued exposure to harsh weather conditions. If you don’t maintain it and ensure it gets proper care, its priceless look and grandeur soon becomes a thing of the past.

Here are 5 important deck maintenance tips on how to maintin and protect your deck at home:

  1.    Keep it Clean

You should thoroughly wash your deck, making sure all rotten debris is cleaned and cracks sealed. A wooden deck can rot away without proper cleaning. Sweep leaves and gunk off the deck, and you should also trim the plants growing if you happen to have planters in your deck. Use a wood cleaner to clean and remove stains and accumulations of dirt.

  1.    Inspect the Deck

After washing your deck, take a closer look at it. Look at the corners, nails, and boards. If you happen to notice spoiled or lose planks, it is advisable that you repair them. For loosened nails protruding from the board, you should replace them to ensure your deck is safe.

  1.    Apply Stains

Try to resist solid stains on your deck because it can show a wear pattern, and these finishes peel out first. It is recommended that you use an alkyd primer that soaks into the wood and its finish should offer ultraviolet (UV) ray protection.

If you are the kind of person who waits until your deck stains fade away to stain again, then prepare to experience some cracking which results in rot.

  1.    Seal your Deck

After you have cleaned, stained, & dried the deck, it is time to seal the wood. Your product should repel water and doesn’t fade. Seal your deck to protect it against dew and rain which can result in wood swell. It will also prevent the wood from cracking and expanding due to direct sunlight.

  1.    Get Professional Assistance

If things may seem hard to you or you’ve got a busy schedule, try getting assistance from a professional deck solutions professional. Mountain View Sun Decks has been providing custom decking solutions for over 20 years. Book a consultation with our team and ask us about our “don’t pay until the job is complete” policy.

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