What to Do With That Space Under the Deck: 4 Ideas to Get You Started

Created on: April 25th, 2019
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What to Do With That Space Under the Deck: 4 Ideas to Get You Started | Mountain View Sun Decks Ltd. | Calgary, Alberta

What to Do With That Space Under the Deck: 4 Ideas to Get You Started

Decks are one of the most worthwhile outdoor additions you can purchase for your home, but there’s one thing that plagues homeowners once their deck is finished: what on Earth do I do with all this space underneath the deck? Let’s take a closer look at 4 ideas that will give you food for thought on what to do with your new underneath-the-deck space.

If There’s Lots of Space: Outdoor Patio

If you have a 2nd storey deck—meaning you’ve got plenty of space underneath—then one of the best ways to make use of that under-the-deck space is to create a new outdoor patio area. This space is ideal for placing outdoor furniture, tables, lighting, and even outdoor drink fridges. You and any guests that stop by will enjoy sitting outside with a nice cool drink. And you have a basement that opens up into the area, even better, since you can double up on entertaining space with an easily accessible indoor/outdoor combination.

If You Want More Home Space: Screened Porch

If you’d rather not entertain fully in the outdoors, you can convert your under-the-deck space into something homier by turning it into a screened-in porch area. This is especially useful if you live somewhere that has frequent mosquitos and other pests, or if you want an “in-between” area for entertaining guests, a children’s play area, and more. If you go this route, you’ll want to install a deck drain, a concrete floor, and at least 2’ walls along with the screens. This will ensure the room won’t get damaged and can be used for most seasons throughout the year.

If It’s A Bit Cramped: Storage Area

If space underneath your custom deck is barely head level or there simply isn’t enough room to make it comfortable for entertaining, you can easily use this as an outdoor storage area. You can add thick latticework around the deck area with a door and simply store items underneath the deck; this is ideal for items you will want to access quickly when outdoors, such as bikes, gardening tools, and other outdoor items like pool toys. For more security, you can convert your underneath-the-deck space into a proper storage area by building a storage shed in that space—for best results from a design perspective, you can “hide” the storage shed behind the lattice.

If You Have Kids: A New Play Area

If you have enough entertaining space or don’t need an outdoor storage area, why not turn the extra space under your deck into a play area for your children? You can add playtime items such as sandboxes, playhouses, car race tracks, and other outdoor play toys that will give your kids hours of enjoyment. If you live somewhere with hot summer weather, this is a great way to let kids play outside without exposing them (and their potentially scorching hot toys) to the summer sun. And best of all, once your kids get older, you can reconvert the space into something new!

If you are looking for more options on how to customize your deck or the spaces around it, be sure to contact the custom decking solution experts at Mountain View Sun Decks. Our experienced team will help you make the best use of your space and help build the deck of your dreams.

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