5 Desirable Features for Your Custom Deck

Created on: January 19th, 2021
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Deck Design Ideas

5 Desirable Features for Your Custom Deck

A custom deck can add a significant percentage to your home’s value. But its biggest value is the comfort level it adds to your living space. It is a place that you and your family or friends can sit, relax, and socialize while enjoying great views of the outdoors. A custom deck is built in the way you visualize that expresses your personal statement on your property. As such it can take whatever style and design you want. What are the must-have custom deck features that make this outdoor space even more desirable?

A fire pit

Installing a fireplace on your deck makes it suitable for use in chilly evenings and during the colder months. You can set it such that it serves a dual purpose for grilling. Remember that having a fire pit presents a fire hazard, especially when on a wooden deck. Have your custom deck installed by a professional.

Make it all-weather

An open outdoor space is of no much use in rainy weather. Installing a gazebo on the deck makes it usable during rainy days. It is also recommendable to plan for an awning. A shelter on the deck is useful for protecting outdoor furniture as well.


Lights on the deck make it more enjoyable for those times you want to socialize outdoors late into the night. Christmas style lights can add a festive mood for those instances when you are having a special event like a birthday party. Ambient lighting with hidden lights adds a romantic glow perfect for special evenings with your loved one.

A good way around installing separate lights would be to install RGB LED lights. These type of lights are easy to install and come with changeable colour patterns. You can also adjust the brightness to your liking. They often come with a remote control or smartphone app.

Add staircases

A deck will typically need a staircase to get to the ground level. If you are installing a multi-level deck the staircase is needed to move from one level to the other. You can customize the staircase design with decorative railings, decorative lighting and a curving design.

Add a touch of nature

A touch of green on the deck goes well with its utility as an outdoor space. You can set climbing vines and on the railings and place a few potted plants at intervals. Green helps make the deck look blended into the landscape.

Use different building materials

Different wood types can be used to make artistic patterns on the deck with different wood hues, tones and grain. A touch of chrome on the railings can give the deck a contemporary look.

There are tons of ways to customize a deck. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. Do it right and impress your guests in a big way. Contact Mountain View Sun Decks for more information on building your custom deck in Calgary.

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