Calgary’s Trusted Deck Builder: Mountain View Sun Decks

Created on: March 8th, 2023
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Calgary’s Trusted Deck Builder: Mountain View Sun Decks

Building a sturdy and beautiful deck in Calgary can be daunting for the uninitiated homeowner. From finding the right deck-building company to selecting the perfect decking materials, there’s a lot to consider before taking on such an undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

At Mountain View Sun Decks, we know quality materials and experienced deck builders are hard to find, so let us help you out. With our extensive experience in the industry, we’ll provide you with valuable information about the best products for your project.

Join us today to learn more about how we provide top-notch builders, materials, and customer service to many happy customers in Calgary. 

Deck Builders in Calgary

Whether it’s pricing, expertise, or creating options, MountainView Sundecks is Calgary’s most trusted source for deck construction. But we still encourage you to do lots of research before starting such a project.

When selecting a deck builder in Calgary, there are a few things to consider. First, research the deck builder’s reputation, experience, and customer reviews. It’s also essential to get an estimate for the project’s cost and check for any warranties or guarantees offered. You also want to verify that your deck builder is licensed and insured. 

We at Mountain View Sun Decks maintain competitive pricing and try our best to ensure that you get the best value at every step of the building process. 

Researching Deck Builders

Researching the right deck builders and materials for your deck in Calgary is crucial to ensure that your deck will be beautiful and safe. Mountain View Sun Decks provides most of the info you may want to see concerning planning your deck build and is an excellent place to start. 

First, consider the types of materials you would like to use for your deck. In Calgary, various decking materials are available, including composite decking (a popular choice for its low-maintenance and durability), wood, PVC, and vinyl. Each material has its benefits, so it is essential to research which is best for your needs. 

Deck Builders in Calgary

With 20 years of experience building top-quality decks and other outdoor construction projects, Mountain View Sun Decks is widely considered Calgary’s top builder in terms of who we hire, customer service, and value. Don’t stress about who’s building your deck; let us handle all the heavy lifting! 

Getting Quotes from Deck Builders

When getting a deck built in Calgary, you’ll want to find experienced deck builders with in-depth knowledge about the best decking materials, real estate, and the various costs involved in building a deck. Deck builders in Calgary have multiple options, from wood decks to composite decks, which all come with different price points and levels of quality. 

You should consider asking for quotes from several different deck builders. This will give you an idea of the different types of materials and costs that come with each builder. Be sure to ask questions to get a better understanding of the decking material and the cost associated with it. Be sure to ask about any warranties they may offer and their experience building decks in Calgary. 

An essential factor to consider is the decking material you’ll use. You can choose from traditional wood, composite decking, or a combination. Composite decking is popular in Calgary due to its low maintenance, durability, and design flexibility. It is also essential to consider the average cost to build a deck, depending on the size, materials, and labor involved. 

At Mountain View Sun Decks, we realize that expertise is not only found in how we build decks but also in providing customer service. Getting a realistic and professional quote is a big part of customer satisfaction, and we know something about that. 

By considering the right deck builder, decking material, and average cost to build a deck, you can make sure that your deck will be built to your specifications, within your budget, and will last for many years to come.

Recommended Decking Material Choices for Calgary

As mentioned before, when it comes to decking materials in Calgary, there are a lot of choices. There are wood decks, composite decks, and other materials that can be used to build a deck. Your choice will depend on your needs, out door lighting, budget, real estate goals, and preferences.

Wood Decks

Wood decks are a popular and timeless choice among many homeowners in Calgary. Wood decks can last for many years while looking beautiful. Wood decks are generally the least expensive and are relatively easy to build.

However, they require regular maintenance and care to ensure they remain in good condition and safe. The average cost to build a wood deck in Calgary is around $2,000.

Composite decks

Composite decks are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in Calgary. Composite decks are made of wood fibres and plastic and are attractive while being very durable. They are also more expensive than wood decks and require more preparation for installation.

Composite decks also require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they last. Composite decking has a longer lifespan than wood and comes in various colours and patterns. The average cost to build a composite deck in Calgary is around $3,500.

PVC Decking

PVC decking is becoming increasingly popular due to its low maintenance and durability. It is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material and is available in various colours and textures. PVC decks are more expensive than wood and composite decks but more resistant to moisture, heat, and UV damage. The average cost to build a PVC deck in Calgary is around $4,000.

Aluminum Decking

Aluminum decking is the most durable type and ideal for Calgary’s cold winters and hot summers. Aluminum decks don’t require painting or staining and are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot. The average cost to build an aluminum deck in Calgary is around $5,000.

Costs of Decking Materials

When selecting suitable decking materials for your home in Calgary, it can seem like a daunting task – not only are there many materials to choose from, but the cost of decking materials can vary considerably. Deck builders in Calgary can provide various decking materials, such as wood, composite, plastic, and PVC. 

Mountain View Sun Decks will help you determine what type of material is right for your home and lifestyle and provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost of building the deck. Keep in mind that the cost of decking materials can vary depending on the type of material you choose and the size and style of your deck.

Local Building Codes and Regulations 

If you’re planning to build a deck in Calgary, it’s essential to understand your area’s local building codes and regulations. Not being aware of these laws can lead to costly mistakes and delays in construction. 

You do not need to worry about this when building with Mountain View Sun Decks! Our experts have 20 years of experience building within Calgary’s building codes and regulations. Don’t spend a moment worrying whether or not your deck is up to code; we got you on that front. 

Build Your Next Deck Stress-Free With Mountain View Sun Decks

When selecting the right deck builder and materials in Calgary, your best choice is to go with Mountain View Sun Decks. 

We are the most trusted deck builder in Calgary and should be your starting point when researching making your dream deck a reality. Leave all the heavy lifting to our builders and all of the thinking to our world-class customer service team.

If you’re looking for Decks, Stairs and Railings solutions in Calgary, contact Mountain View Sun Decks today!

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