What Are The Best Types Of Wood For Your Deck?

Created on: January 22nd, 2021
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What Are The Best Types of Wood for Your Deck?

A deck is no doubt one of the most desired features in a home. It allows for socialization in the open air, and if you are lucky, provides a great view of the open country or mountains. If you are thinking of putting up a deck, you are likely thinking of a wooden deck. Wood is highly popular for decking because it is easy to install and very pleasing to the eye. But your choice of wood type determines the type of care that will be needed and the durability of the deck. What type of wood serves best for a deck?

Redwood Decks

This is a popular choice because of the vivid colour of the wood. When freshly installed, Redwood commands attention with its earthy reddish-brown hues. This wood also ages well, turning gradually to a greyish hue over time.  Redwood does not need painting. A coat of clear varnish is however needed to seal the wood to ensure longevity. This is important to prevent mould, which can discolour and even damage the wood. The wood should be sealed every 3-4 years depending on use.

Cedar Decks

This wood, especially Red Cedar, is highly popular for wood decking. This is because cedar withstands the elements very well. It will withstand high heat and high humidity well, as well as the frigid cold. This makes it suitable for places like Calgary where the temperature swings are wide.  It does not rot and resists mould and pest attacks, which means fewer maintenance needs. The durability of this wood translates to better value for money. When it is well kept, a cedar deck can last for 30 years or more.

Mahogany Decks

Few types of wood are as beautiful as mahogany. The woven look of the grain and wide range of hues makes it suitable for making all-natural wooden decks, requiring little else in decorations.  However, mahogany is susceptible to humidity damage and mould. It requires regular sealing to keep the damp out and prevent mould growth. The medium to dark species of the wood has been seen to be more resistant to rotting. The Honduran Mahogany is especially popular because of its higher resistance to the elements.

Wooden decks are aesthetically appealing, giving your home a rustic and country “feel”.  Some wooden species also release very pleasing natural faint aromas. This is one home improvement project you will never regret when done right.

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